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Supply Trends - India Office Market

PropShare’s property wise analysis of the real upcoming supply in the top cities of India

From Our Investment Team…

We consider market supply and demand one of the cornerstones of underwriting but realised that the market reports on supply by IPCs did not comprehensively capture the true building-wise data that is crucial in making investment decisions. This led us to start our own supply study that we believe is a lot more granular and helpful to the larger investment community.

Kunal Moktan

Co-founder and CEO

Rahul Jain

Vice-President, Investments

Ganesh Arunachalam

Vice-President, Investments

Suraj Amin

Associate, Investments

What Does The Report Cover?

Building wise upcoming supply in 4 cities

Market outlook and forecasts

Recommendations for investors

Research Methodology

Building on the supply data provided by the JLL Research team, we visited each of the properties in our target cities - taking photographs, talking to developers as well as brokers - as we compiled the information.

This helped us in understanding when a particular building was likely to come on stream and meant that we had the most accurate understanding of where supply was and where rents were headed.

Propshare Research Methodology