Our aim is to make commercial properties in India affordable and accessible to everyone

- Founders


  • With ticket sizes getting larger by the day, the common investor is increasingly getting crowded out of the commercial property market. Lower investible funds also means gravitating towards under construction and early stage projects where payments are spread-out over time. This in turn leads to the common risks of real estate investing - rogue developers, unending construction delays, lack of proper approvals and a clear title.

  • At Property Share, we believe the best risk-adjusted returns are actually available in buying completed Grade A properties at city-centre locations with a monthly rental yield.

  • As social infrastructure improves within neighbourhoods (opening of new schools, malls, office complexes, restaurants and bars), increase in property prices inevitably follow. How can one benefit from these rising prices without making large capital outlays?

  • Property Share was the answer to this question - a technological platform that allows fractional ownership of real estate among like-minded investors.

Welcome to a new way of property ownership!


  • Kunal Moktan
    Founder and CEO at Property Share
  • Hashim Khan
    Founder and CTO at Property Share