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  • Own a specific FRACTION of a property while earning returns similar to purchasing the entire property.
  • Receive monthly rents for your fraction straight into your account.
  • Profit from increase in property value on sale.
  • Realise your gains when we sell the property between 3 and 5 years.
  • Sell your share partly or fully at anytime on our resale platform.
  • Sell your share offline to friends, family, colleagues.
  • Properties are registered in the name of a Limited Liability Partnership.
    Each investor becomes a partner in the LLP.
  • Properties are directly registered in the individuals names.
    Investor’s names appear on the Sale Deed.
  • Mr. Sujan Murahari
    Manager - Engineering at CISCO
  • Mr. Krishnan Chatapuram
    Sr Product Validation Mgr, California
  • Mr. Ganesh Siva
    Director, Payments & Sales at Yahoo
  • Mr. Agnel Bankien
    Marketing Professional, Bangalore
  • Mr. Alden Tauro
    Retail Manager, Al Shaya, Kuwait