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SM REITs: The New Frontier in real estate investing

About SM REITs

In March 2024, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) notified the new Small and Medium REIT regulations opening an entirely new way of investing in specialised rent yielding real estate. SM REITs are smaller investment trusts for assets below Rs. 500 crores (c. US$ 60 million) that had thus far been inaccessible to retail and institutional investors. Technology has been the driving force behind the regulation, led front and centre by PropShare, a tech platform that pioneered the concept of investing in this asset class back in 2015.

Through the SM REIT regulations SEBI has effectively introduced an entirely new asset class to the retail and institutional investor universe, continuing the march towards securitisation of real estate assets that started with REIT regulations in 2014. SM REITs provide a tremendous opportunity to monetize income generating assets that currently do not have access to liquidity and when paired with technology has the potential to completely transform the real estate investment landscape in the country.

From Our Investment Team…

PropShare pioneered a unique and focused single asset investment approach that we believe leads to above market risk adjusted returns for retail and institutional investors. We leverage our background in institutional real estate investing with the use of innovative technology to present what we believe is an alternate asset class that should be present in every investor’s portfolio.

Kunal Moktan

Co-founder and CEO

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Vice-President, Investments

Ganesh Arunachalam

Vice-President, Investments

Suraj Amin

Associate, Investments

What Does The Report Cover?

What Does The Report Cover?

Research Methodology

JLL and PropertyShare collaborated extensively to understand the current FOP business and the impact of SM REIT regulations which are aimed at organizing and accelerating the growth of the industry while keeping investor safeguards in mind.

To determine the market size, the entire stock of Grade A real estate assets in major Indian metros was evaluated. We focused on assets which were valued upto Rs. 700 crore and had a minimum occupancy of 95% after excluding the assets which are either institutionally owned or are already in REITs.

Propshare Research Methodology