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Frequently Asked Questions
Property Share is a tech-enabled commercial real estate investment platform that allows its users to access Grade A commercial, retail, and warehousing assets tenanted to multinational tenants.
Property Share offers users an opportunity to participate in completed and rent-generating Grade A commercial, retail, and warehousing properties with up to 8-10% yields and 17-20% target IRRs.
Our team examines various metrics like rental yield, location, tenant, lease duration, quality of asset, scope of capital appreciation, micro and macro market indicators, legality of title, and earning potential. We rely on the extensive experience of our team which comes with more than $1 billion of real estate investment experience from The Blackstone Group, the world's largest real estate fund.
We believe that rent-yielding real estate, if researched thoroughly and conservatively, offers the best after-tax returns. Property Share founders and team come from core real estate investing backgrounds having invested >$1 billion in Indian real estate.
Users can diversify by participating in transactions across geographies, tenants (technology, financial services), and asset classes (retail, office, warehousing).
There is a separate Property Management team that takes care of all property management functions.
You can sign-up and schedule a call with our representative who will help answer your specific questions. Click here to schedule a call. You can also send an email to
Once you are registered on the platform, you will receive notifications on new listings and other updates that may be of interest to you.
No, the assets are usually housed in a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) which can authorize a person to complete the registration on behalf of the SPV.
You can register on the platform by providing basic details about yourself through the “Sign-up” button.
Property Share DOES NOT guarantee any returns. While rental yields on most opportunities listed on the platform are known in advance, a risk that the yield will not be payable will always remain due to underlying real estate asset and leasing risk.
The typical deductions are tax deduction at source, property management fee and property tax.
Yes, as with any real estate investment, a listing on the platform carries inherent risks of loss of capital. Please consult your financial advisor before making any decision.
As a buyer, you will have the right to participate in all decisions including the timing and price at which the asset is sold.
You can exit your investment privately through your network or through us.
Real estate investments are illiquid and there can be significant delays in getting liquidity given the ticket size and lack of buyers. Please evaluate your decision carefully and consult your financial advisor if liquidity is important to you.
Typically, the distributions are made on a monthly or quarterly basis.