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Frequently Asked Questions
Property Share is a tech enabled investment platform that allows its users to invest in securities that derive value from leased Grade A commercial, retail, and warehousing assets tenanted to multinational tenants.
Property Share offers investors an opportunity to invest in securities that derive value from completed and rent generating Grade A commercial, retail, and warehousing properties with up to 8-10% yields and 17-20% target IRRs.
Since the securities derive value from an underlying real estate asset, our team examines various metrics like pricing, location, quality of asset, scope of capital appreciation, micro and macro market indicators, legality of title and earning potential. We rely on the extensive investment experience of our team which comes with more than $1 billion of investment experience from The Blackstone Group, the world's largest alternative investments manager.
We believe that securities with underlying commercial real estate, if underwritten sensibly and conservatively, offer the best after-tax returns to investors. Property Share founders and investing team come from core investing backgrounds having invested >$1 billion in securities of Indian real estate. We closely follow the maxim “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”.
Investment risk can be reduced with appropriate diversification of holdings. Investors investing through the Platform can diversify by investing across locations, tenants (technology, financial services) and asset classes (retail, office, warehousing). Please speak to us for more details.
There is a separate Asset Management team that takes care of all asset management functions related to an investment.
You can sign-up and schedule a call with us and we will be happy to answer your specific questions. Click here to schedule a call. You can also send an email to
Once you are registered on the platform, you will receive notifications on new listings, resales, funding updates etc.
No, our platform is entirely tech-enabled which means that you can sign documents and complete KYC from anywhere. However, some documents require a wet-ink signature under applicable laws.
The debenture and/or share certificate in the underlying asset will constitute proof of your investment.
Once you decide to invest, our team will guide you through the investment process.
Subject to compliance with applicable laws and contractual obligations, your liability is always limited to the extent of the capital invested.
Property Share DOES NOT guarantee any returns. As an investor, you are advised to stay away from guaranteed returns schemes. While yields on most investments listed on the platform are known in advance, a risk that the yield will not be payable will always remain due to underlying asset and leasing risk.
The typical deductions are tax deduction at source, property management fee and property tax.
Yes, as with any investment that derives value from underlying real estate, an investment advised through Property Share carries inherent risks of loss of capital. Please read through our Disclosure Document to understand the risks in detail.
Investors decide the exact time and price at which to sell their securities.

You can exit your investment in two ways:

  • Resale of your Securities: You can choose to sell your securities to anyone at a mutually agreed price either privately or through us.

  • Sale of asset: In case the underlying asset is sold, your securities may either be redeemed or transferred to a third party.
Typically, the securities that we advise clients on have monthly or quarterly distributions.